Hi everyone, we have a review of the first party PS VITA shooter, Unit 13. It focuses on the player completing a number of missions to their best ability and progressing through the game.

Unfortunately, I don’t have use of my normal computer at the moment, so, I don’t have assets, software or any major publishing capabilites. The result: this review will have to be short.

The game delivers an excellent handheld shooter experience and allows you to complete the missions online with friends or on your own offline. The missions increase in difficulty and objective as you progress and you may need to replay a mission a large number of times to get a perfect score.

The missions are quite entertaining and each only last between 5-20 minutes, so, each is perfect for a play while on the bus or train. The graphical quality of the game isn’t the best title on the PS VITA – some of the elements look quite blurry and low-resolution.

Sound effects are average, however, music is quite lacking in the game. While it is a handheld title, a little more music would do wonders for the game and really add a bit to the overall experience while playing.

The game is a good example of what can be done on the handheld in the third-person shooter genre. Since this is part of the first wave of shooting titles on the Vita, it shows that shooters on the VITA can end in excellence with proper development and planning.

There are a lot of operations available in the game and it isn’t too bad in terms of value. While it is a full price title, I do think it is worth the purchase by a PS VITA owner if they are a fan of the shooting game genre. It represents better value than other full price titles on the Vita, so, I think you should purchase this game is you are looking for a title to play on your PS VITA.

Here are the scores: