To kick off our Playstation VR feature, the first game that we will be reviewing is Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, a spin-off of 2015’s interactive survival horror Until Dawn.

You would be excused for not recognising Rush of Blood as a member of the Until Dawn series at first glance, as the game is not really related to the original title save for some common character appearances. However, that does not take anything away from this thrilling on-rails shooter which is an absolute must-buy for Playstation VR.

Rush of Blood delivers something which will scare absolutely anybody across its seven levels, whether it be a fear of spiders, clowns, dolls or even dead pigs; Until Dawn has something to terrify you!

The seven levels of the game take place upon a rollercoaster cart with only the freedom to move your head and both of your arms (using either a Dualshock 4 or two Move motion controllers) which begin holding some basic pistols. As you progress through the level, you may notice boxes scattered around the edges of the track with pictures of guns on them: you should shoot these! These boxes will give you an improved weapon for a limited number of shots before returning to your original basic pistols.

Your objective is simple: don’t die! You will need to shoot any enemies which come your way and, if you feel able, you can try to shoot the various targets dotted around the map. At the end of the level, you will be given a score value which is based on various factors including how many of these targets you hit. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood of course employs many jump scares, spiders, clowns, ghosts and other scary creatures to scare you but truly, it manages to keep you on the edge of your seat holding your breath throughout the game. As the rollercoaster slows to a halt, waits and begins creeping up a hill, you will be tensely sitting still as you await a possible scare at the peak of the hill.

The game doesn’t have much of a plot, but it does not need one! Until Dawn: Rush of Blood will keep you so worried and thrilled simultaneously that you would be completely unable to concentrate on any plot events; you have to look around to make sure nothing is creeping up on you, remember? Rush of Blood doesn’t just offer scares though, there are plenty of disturbing animal carcasses, human corpses, giant mannequins and creepy dolls too.

Obviously, the PS4 and Playstation VR will never be able to complete with a high-end PC setup and the HTC VIVE purely because of the price difference, however, you will quickly forget the slightly blurry graphics and minor aliasing because you will be too scared to consider these things. Regardless of this, Rush of Blood looks excellent and maintains a very high level of detail in the full 360-degree scope at every moment. The game feels well and thoughtfully and designed and is one of the most immersive VR games I have experienced to date!

Some other clever additions that the team at Supermassive Games have implemented are obstructions in your path; if the cart is travelling at a high speed and you hit a wooden sign, you are going to die! It is up to you to be vigilant of these types of barriers and to move your head accordingly to ensure safety. The sound and music design is absolutely fantastic and is of equal quality to the compelling visual experience.

The only negative point I have to make about Rush of Blood is the inclusion of weird boss battles. Sometimes, these are quite unintuitive and it does not seem clear exactly what you must do to progress. If you die (which often happens a few times while you are trying to figure out how to fight the boss), you will return to a checkpoint and have to repeat the battle. This breaks the immersion a little bit, but however, it is only a minor complaint to make.

In conclusion, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood should be an essential part of your Playstation VR library. At an RRP of $19.99/€19.99/£15.99 it is an absolute steal for the experience and content that is included. Rush of Blood is also the game which I always use to introduce friends and family to VR; the immersion and exhilaration experienced from the get-go with this title is exactly what virtual reality is all about. Rush of Blood has cemented itself as the Playstation VR horror experience to beat!

NOTE: Stick with us for more Playstation VR content over the weekend and going into the future. We will soon be adding an extra feature to the end of our VR reviews which display our rating for intensity, immersion etc. so stay tuned with InsideTheBox!