Valiant Hearts: The Great War is not a war game in the traditional sense. Instead, Ubisoft’s latest release is a game which measures the human impact of war, allowing players to see exactly how it affects people. Again, Ubisoft have managed to deliver a deep title which has a lot of meaning below the surface.

Games focused around the theme of war usually consist of getting as many kills as possible, with extra rewards offered for headshots, streaks and long-range kills. Valiant Hearts doesn’t give this type of gameplay a thought; instead focusing on the emotional impact of war on the people involved. While the gameplay isn’t always spectacular, the story is one which will stick with you for quite some time.

We won’t spoil anything important, but let’s just say, the plot is incredibly powerful with many twists laced throughout. The game revolves around four characters; Karl, Anna, Emile and Freddie. As you progress through the game, the story will switch from character to character at big moments. This will leave you anxious to find out what happens next while also keeping the game fresh and fast-paced. The voice-over narration is great too, often offering you interesting information during the game.

The plot balances humour and heartbreak, offering many moments of devastating sadness between moments of charming humour. This allows you to escape from the mood of tension which may arise after experiencing some of the more tragic events of the story while also preparing you for the next emotional blow. Overall, the plot of Valiant Hearts is perfectly paced, perfectly balanced and perfectly supported. This story is certainly one you do not want to miss!

In terms of gameplay, the game is a puzzler which tasks you with things like navigating an environment, finding an item or assisting another character in their quest for mutual completion. The puzzles aren’t too tasking, and are easily solved with common logic. This allows you to focus on the engrossing, moving story. These puzzles are balanced out with moments of authentic warfare, in which you may need to evade oncoming fire or infiltrate a particular area. We would have liked the difficulty of the game to be raised slightly, however, this is the only problem with an otherwise perfect title.

The soundtrack and sound effects present in the game are astonishing and perfectly capture the most intense moments of the game. It is very important to have a soundtrack which perfectly represents a game, and Valiant Hearts certainly succeeds in this. However, even more impressive are the captivating visuals. Based on the impressive UbiArt Framework (Child of Light, Rayman Legends), Valiant Hearts delivers charming comic-book style visuals with an extraordinarily high level of detail. The game’s visuals add to the powerful emotional effect of the story and complete this exceptional title.

Overall, Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a fantastic title which I highly recommend playing. Ubisoft once again delivers a beautiful, memorable title through the gorgeous UbiArt Framework.