Velocity 2X is a sequel to Futurlab’s immensely popular Velocity, which began its life as a small Playstation Mini title for the PS3 and PSP. However, the developer has progressed hugely since then and has delivered what is perhaps the best Velocity experience yet with 2X.

Velocity was a small game to begin with, starting its life as a PS Mini on the Store. However, it quickly took off through a massive amount of media and fan attention, and is still regarding as perhaps the best PS Mini ever. Last year, the game was remade for the PS Vita as a full PSN title with HD graphics, becoming Velocity Ultra. However, today, we have the first full sequel to the game; Velocity 2X.

Velocity 2X, like its predecessor, tasks you with completing 2D stages as quickly as possible, while rescuing as many Survivors as you can. You also must collect shards dotted throughout the levels. These aspects offer a huge amount of replay value, as it is very easy to become obsessed with getting 100% completion in a level.

One of the new elements of Velocity 2X is the ability to leave your ship and complete sections of the level on-foot in 2D platforming style, in order to clear a barrier for your ship to pass. This is an excellent addition to the game in my opinion, as it really adds something fresh to the game and results in more interesting and fun levels. The platforming element of the game nearly features as much as the gameplay in your ship, which is a breath of fresh air.

When you disembark, you take control of Kai, the protagonist. She is armed with a laser, a blaster, teleportation powers and a variety of skills to assist in traversing increasing difficult stages of gameplay. Most of the levels in the game contain at least one sequence playing as Kai, so rest assured, if you enjoy the platforming element of the game, there is plenty of it! These platforming sequences manage to perfectly fit into the style of the game, and have the same fast-paced and frantic action that the ship sections of the game do. The transition from playing as the ship to Kai is seamless and something which certainly feels like it belongs in Velocity.

Minor changes and adjustments have been made to the performance of the ship in Velocity 2X, however, it still performs almost identically to how it did in Velocity Ultra (which is not necessarily a bad thing). The developers almost got it spot on during their first try, however, all minor changes made are improvements to the gameplay.

Graphically, Velocity 2X performs excellently. Now, this is no The Last of Us: Remastered, however, for a 2D platformer/top-down shooter, the game looks as good as it gets. The textures are vivid, crisp and detailed. The developers have ensured that the backgrounds and level design perfectly suit each other, and each level is unique. The levels in 2X feature different themes, which drastically change the appearance from one level to the next, delivering a lot more variety than the original Velocity. Due to the fast action, a stable frame-rate is a necessity in a game like this. Thankfully, Futurlab have managed to achieve a stable 60FPS on both the PS4 and PS Vita, which looks magnificently smooth in-play.

Completionists will love Velocity 2X, as the game offers four ranking metrics for every level – leaving players plenty of reasons to replay the levels they have already completed. However, be warned, many of the levels in the game are extremely tricky, and completing them to 100% is going to take quite some time. If you are up for this, you will get a huge amount of value out of Velocity 2X.

Best of all – the game is absolutely free this month on Playstation Plus (September 2014)! This means that most PS4 owners will be able to play the game without any cost, leaving you no excuse. The receive a game of this quality free on Playstation Plus from the day of release is a huge benefit – and I urge you to ensure you download and try the game. If you don’t have Playstation Plus, the game is certainly worth paying for. If you are looking for a fantastic platformer and top-down shooter hybrid on the PS4, Velocity 2X is the best you will ever get!