Velocity Ultra is an updated version of the original Velocity, a Playstation Mini which took the gaming world by storm as one of the best indie games to come to the platform. Even since, Futurlab have had great success and become great partners with Sony. Velocity Ultra will be available for the Playstation Vita…

Futurlab has taken advantage of every feature the PS Vita has to offer to Velocity with their update to Velocity Ultra, including crisp HD graphics, use of the touchscreen for the warp effect, dual analogue sticks and brand new art and cutscenes in between the levels. The warp feature was the main attraction of the original Velocity, and Ultra is no exception to that. This feature allows your ship to teleport from one place to another with a touch of the screen, making it much simpler than it was in the Minis version.

The updated, crisp HD graphics are also very nice, and the Velocity art style is perfectly suited to the beautiful OLED screen on the Playstation Vita. The colours pop, the textures are clear and the art stands out. The Playstation Vita screen is one of the best advantages the system offers to Velocity, as the updated graphics make the game many times superior to its previous incarnation.

The only downside to the game is that those who played the original Velocity will already know what to do in the game and how the levels are laid out (if they can remember). Nonetheless, Ultra makes a great excuse for you to play those levels all over again! Velocity is a fantastic game, and any opportunity to play it should not be missed. Velocity Ultra is especially fun for those who missed Velocity originally!

One of the most fun aspects of Velocity is the sheer complexity of the system. You will find yourself travelling back through the levels, activating switches and other mechanisms in a correct sequence in order to open your path forward. The game is genius and the developers deserve to be supported. Make sure you pick up this PS Vita game on the PS Store as soon as you can, you won’t regret it!