Virtue’s Last Reward is a very unique new title presented by the not so well known ChunSoft and Rising Star Games, however, this does not by any means mean the title is not good, in fact it is one of the most interesting handheld titles of this year. Read on to find out more about this fantastic new game which has a great story.

The game has a whopping total of TWENTY FOUR different possible endings, with some choices within the game making the story split into its different branches. The lovely thing is, you can travel back and forward to any point you have already explored in the game and make a different choice, so, after you finish the game, you can just to a point and make a different decision to your original one and explore the different timeline. It’s a very cool feature!

The game itself revolves around the capture of people from life and being forced to compete in a ‘Nonary Game’ in which there is only one chance of escape. After that, anyone who didn’t get out within the nine second window after the door was successfully opened by someone with enough points, they will be trapped forever.

The game’s genre has a Japanese origin and is called a ‘visual novel’. They are extremely popular in Japan but rarely make it overseas, something which I am pretty unhappy about considering this game is a masterpiece! I love this genre, it is extremely interesting and I want to see what other developers can do with it. I would love a sequel to Virtue’s Last Reward with a new story, characters and game to play, particularly on a console rather than a handheld, however, Virtue’s Last Reward was completely enjoyable on our Vita copy, it just personally like big screen gaming.

Graphically, although not very important to this genre, the game performs excellently. The character models are well designed, scenery and the UI are nicely implemented and everything is done very well. The same applies with sound and music, the score is great and so are the included sound effects (some of which sound custom made).

The game creates a very tense and worried atmosphere, the characters are always confused and nervous and you just feel something bad is going to strike soon. This title is in no way predictable and I could not tell what would happen next, other than the assumption it would not end well for somebody. Puzzle included are engaging and require quite some thought too! They take some time to complete and you really must make full use of your surroundings to escape.

The majority of the game is dialogue and the story is written fantastically. I remained hooked all the way and was sad to see it end, but, I just went back and tried another ending – and that is the beauty of the game!

I definitely recommend Virtue’s Last Reward, especially to Playstation Vita owners, as it is one of the most interesting, engaging and enjoyable handheld games to be released this year, well done to Spike ChunSoft!

NOTE: Strictly speaking, this review is only completely accurate for the Playstation Vita version of the game as we have not been able to experience the 3DS version, however, we expect them to be, for the most part, identical. Please remember there may be some differences to graphical and sound quality and overall quality.