We would like to issue you a very warm welcome to InsideTheBox, a new website for gaming and technology news and reviews. We hope you enjoy your stay with us. In this post, we will explain everything about the site and the exciting new user features which will be launching very soon.

InsideTheBox is a site which not only will be offering excellent reviews, quality news coverage, interesting opinions and exciting trailers.. we will also be launching a dedicated, hand-written platform of user tools which will allow commenting and being an active user to become rewarding

The service will be called MyInsideTheBox. Users will earn a certain number of points (values to be confirmed later) for each day they login, each comment they post and each guest article they submit. We will also be having special double and triple point time periods. At launch, we will have 3 days of triple points.

As you earn points, you progress your rank. Your rank is the level of contribution you have given to the site. It will carry a badge and this badge will be shown on your public profile and on each of your comments. You will also unlock items such as wallpapers and other small rewards as you gain rank, to give a small token to our dedicated users.

We will be offering additionally features, such as MyBookshelf and MyMessage in the close future.

Please stick with as me make more announcements and post more news and reviews on the website. We would like to give you thanks for reading this article, and hope you enjoy your time with InsideTheBox.