When Vikings Attack is a brand new offering which arrived on PS3 and Vita last week through the Playstation Store. At a cross-buy price of €9.99/~£7.99 for both consoles, the title appears to be excellent value… but is the content good enough to judge it so? Read on to find out what we thought of this rather unique new title and whether it deserves to be downloaded…

This neat PSN game involves groups of civilians fighting against incoming attacks from vikings. You, as a group, use various surrounding objects and throw them towards the Vikings to destroy as many of their gathering as possible. They will also pickup the objects lying around (which vary from bins to cars) and throw them towards you.

Before I brief you on whether or not the gameplay is good, I will say this: graphically, this game looks absolutely amazing, especially on the Playstation Vita’s lovely OLED screen. Sprites, objects and scenery is fluid, vivid and extremely high resolution. Everything looks like a treat to the eye and a more visually pleasing graphical cartoon-style game could not be created. I cannot fault this title’s visuals.

Next, we move on to sound. The sound effects and music featured in this game are stunning example of what can be done for games which cost under a tener for both the PS3 and PS Vita. The music and sound effects are absolutely fantastic and really help to add the fun, cartoony style to the game. The level of detail included for this price is unprecedented on the PSN, hats off to Clever Beans!

Now, I’m sure you’re anxious to know if the gameplay itself is good enough to warrant a purchase, well, we have to honestly say… the gameplay featured in this game is fantastic, and, for under a tener, what are you waiting for? Get When Vikings Attack for your Vita or PS3 as soon as possible!

The game can be played locally in single player or split-screen and also online. Players can cross play between the PS3 and Vita versions and save games are also syncronised between the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita versions of the game. The game is brilliant both for playing at home as a casual, relaxing title and on the bus as a time passer while you wait to arrive at your stop.

To round up the review, I want to say that WHEN VIKINGS ATTACK is an absolutely amazing title considering its price and all PS3 and Vita owners should buy it from the store now, it will not cost you much! Here are the scores: