Almost everyone has heard of Wonderbook since E3. It has had a hefty chunk of marketing funds spent on online, televised and print advertisement. This is the gift you are going to want to get the kids for Christmas – it really can be enjoyed by all the family! Read on to see what we thought of Wonderbook and Book of Spells, it’s first compatible game.

Wonderbook is, in essence, a book with twelve pages of AR codes printed upon each in various styles. This book itself can be used with Book of Spells and upcoming Wonderbook titles such as Diggs Nightcrawler and Walking with Dinosaurs. This book will be suitable for all future Wonderbook titles for which quite a few are expected.

Book of Spells in the first and only compatible game currently on the market and is based around the world of Harry Potter. The Book of Spells is an old spellbook from the restricted section of Hogwarts Library and the Playstation Move controller acts as a wand for the player to use as they go through their adventure.

Once the camera recognises the Wonderbook, it will appear as the spell book on screen. The Playstation Move controller will also appear as a magic wand in the players hand as they look at themselves on screen. I was actually quite impressed with how responsive, impressive and accurate the rendering and use of the Wonderbook and Move Controller were. During my five one-hour sessions with the kids, only twice did the Playstation Move and/or Wonderbook fail to respond on first command. This is very impressive for motion/AR control schemes.

The Book of Spells game is divided into many chapters and within each, players learn spells and can watch, interact and hear home very amusing stories about the origin of these spells. The game is surprisingly entertaining for adults – so this is definitely one for families to play together, it can be an excellent bonding and relaxing activity.

The target audience for this game is those aged between 7-13 and it really does suit for those age groups. This initiative by Sony is a fantastic refresh to the casual offerings of the Playstation 3, and, for any of you who have a Playstation Move controller gathering just – this will cost you less than €40 (~£30). If you don’t have the controller and PS Eye, you get the book, game, camera and controller all for under €80 (~£50).

The story offerings are great and really do tie in to Harry Potter, but are on the comical side and some of the stories can be quite a good laugh. It is heartwarming to see the joy children get out of using this brand new PS3 peripheral and I’m sure the future titles for the Wonderbook will be just as good. If you have kids and a PS3, get them this for Christmas!