This evening we bring you a review of the recently released racing game, WRC 3: FIA World Rally Championship. The publishing of the series has been handed over to pQube for this title, however, developers Black Bean returned to create the game. Read on for our opinion on the title…

WRC 3 is a game based around the sport of rally racing. It is a dangerous form of car racing and involves turning sharp corners and traversing awkwardly crafted tracks under time pressure. Unlike other types of racing, their are no competitor vehicles on the track while you make your run – you are on your own under the pressure of time.

WRC 3 does an excellent job in terms of mechanics, handling and car design. Cars drive perfectly and feel extremely accurate to control. Black Bean have achieved what I feel is the perfect mechanics of car handling, they really have outdone themselves in terms of the feel of driving in the game – controlling cars in the game matches what handling a real car would feel like.

The car designs are stunning, and, overall, graphically, the game looks fantastic. Crisp, vivid, eye-popping images are prevalent in the game and they really do a lot to make the game feel even better. Even the simple menus are complete with beautiful backgrounds and images. The tracks, surroundings and spectators are rendered perfectly and all look authentic & real and are a pleasure to the eye.

The game also features a few music tracks which are used in menus and loading screens. The songs selected are perfect and sound great when matched with the lovely art style of menus – they really do pair well together. The songs are catchy, energetic and are great to listen to while waiting for loading screens.

The difficulty level varies, however, overall, the challenges in the game are quite tough. Completing a race will likely take you several tries before reaching anywhere near the top of the scoreboard against the CPU’s times. I feel that Black Bean could have toned down the difficulty level slightly, but, I suppose fans will get more retry value out of the game in this case.

Features is where the game lacks, and lacks a lot. Really, the campaign of challenges is the only mode worth looking at in the game, and, if you don’t like these single player competitions, then you really won’t get much value. There are a couple of other modes, however, they are not that good and really won’t offer much.

So, our final words for the game is; only purchase this game if you are a big fan of rally racing games, otherwise, you really won’t get all that much value out of the game. It is a great game for fans of rallying and handling is perfect, so, if you like these games, you will love WRC 3!