WWE 13 is the brand new edition of the popular wrestling game based on the WWE franchise. The game is published by THQ and developed by Yuke’s. It brings back some of the older wrestlers who will be remembered by vintage fans of WWE from the last ten to twenty years. Read on to find out what we thought of the game….

I did not enjoy WWE 13 all that much, but, then again, I don’t really like wrestling or wrestling games to begin with. WWE 13 includes a huge variety of game modes and online play to keep fans of the game satisfied and the range of characters is also excellent. A large number of old characters from the WWE universe come to life in the game along with some of the newer editions to the roster.

Character models are well made, but sometimes are very sharp and look a bit glitchy. Unfortunately, this tarnishes your experience of the game quite a bit and doesn’t really improve at all from character to character.

On a good note, the game’s fighting mechanics are fantastic. A wide range of general, advanced and character specific moves are available to use in wrestling matches through free play, tournaments and online. Tutorials are also provided for any new players or players who need to catch-up or revise their abilities within the game.

Sounds and music are average and commentary is ok, but nothing exceptional. Overall, the sound aspect of the game is an average offering when taking into effect sound effects, music and commentary within the game. On occasion, the commentary becomes repetitive and a bit annoying, however, that luckily does not occur too often.

I cannot really give an experienced review of the game based on my lack of knowledge in the wrestling industry of games, however, it seems as if WWE 13 would be a great new entry to the franchise for fans of this particular genre.

Purchase this game if you are a wrestling fan, however, be aware than it can be glitchy on occasion. So, to wrap up this review, here are the final scores….