Today we have our review of 2K’s WWE 2K14, the 2014 iteration of the popular wrestling game series. This years game brings a lot of improvements to the series, and updates the game with the latest roster and statistics. Read on for our full review of this title…

2K have taken the WWE game series under their wing after picking up the rights to the game following THQ’s bankruptcy last year. 2K14 has adopted the WrestleMania XXX era of wrestling, and has been brought up to date with everything in the world of WWE. The game has many improvements, modes and ways to play, however, does it do justice to the popular sport it represents? Well, the following is a more in-depth analysis…

‘Become Immortal’ is a key reference and tagline applied to the game, which, as many fans will know, refers to The Undertaker (also known as Deadman or Phenom). He is an undefeated champion, and the game recognises that by giving the character his own mode. You can play ‘Defend the Streak’, which involves you taking on numerous opponents back-to-back as you try to defend his undefeated title. Difficultly increases with progression, and somettimes the game keeps you going for 50, 80, even 100 opponents as you are brutally challenged in defense of the title.

Defeat the Streak is a spin-off of this mode, which is EXTREMELY difficult. You are put head-to-head with the Undertaker on the highest difficulty level in an attempt to defeat his streak. You are tasked with defeating the undefeated legend as he puts all his might into defending his title. Suffice to say, do not expect to complete this mode unless you play wrestling games with absolute perfection. You really do need a huge amount of skill to pull it off.

Other than that, there are plenty of other modes to keep you busy, all the normal modes you would expect in the game, including online multiplayer matchups. However, another new mode has been introduced in 2K14; 30 Years of WrestleMania. This mode really is one for the fans, and it is clear a lot of work has been put into it. It serves as a nostalgic return through the last 30 years of WrestleMania, allowing you to recreate some of the most famous matches from each and every one of the 30 years of WrestleMania. Each match remains true to the past, and, if you are fan of wrestling, it will bring back a lot of memories.

Of course, creation modes and rivalries are also available in the game. The online game modes have improved a lot, with far fewer disconnections and less buggy behaviour being apparent. You should be able to hop into an online match immediately and start playing with friends or strangers.

Now, in terms of criticism, I do have some for the game. I was very disappointed at how the character models and textures appear in the game. They really do not compare to the games we are used to, even on current-gen consoles, in 2013. The textures and models have not been improved a lot and certainly could do with being more accurate and clear, and having more detail. The lighting engine and backgrounds/crowds could also do with further improvement. There is a slight improvement over WWE 13, however, not as much as many had hoped.

Having said that, the roster is one of the best yet. This game includes almost all of the most common favourites through years of WWE and also brings back some of the classic legends who left the game years ago. A few new wrestlers to WWE also managed to sneak their way into the lineup for 2014.

IF you are a wrestling fan, WWE 2K14 is definitely a worthwhile purchase. 2K Sports did not even have a full year to work on the game, so, we must excuse them for some of the issues. They did a fantastic job in taking over the series in the time they had, and next year’s release should be fantastic (hopefully on next gen!). Stick with us for more upcoming reviews!