WWE 2K15 is a game which looks fantastic on the surface, and plays quite well, but is missing some elements which many fans may consider fundamental. It is lacking the depth that the series once had long ago but from the surface, looks more impressive than any other entry in the series.

The most obvious improvement to the game is the massive graphical upgrade which the game has received. The wrestlers present in the game appear more realistic than ever, with some excellent character models being presented due to the additional power of the new generation of consoles. The rings also look better than ever, with realistic crowds and a variety of props being present. Each match has a great atmosphere to back it up. Unfortunately, a few wrestlers who were unavailable for next-gen modelling are present in the game, and their models stick out like a sore thumb. However, nothing could really be done in this case, so, we cannot blame 2K for this.

Matches have also taken a bit of a more calm pace (compared to the last entry in the series) to become a more tactical affair, rather than the crazy mess of button-mashing that matches in the last entry of the series often became. The increase in emphasis on tactics means that moves feel more powerful, but also offers players more of an opportunity to block and counter the moves of their opponent.

2K Showcase takes a look at two big rivalries from the past (Triple H/Shawn Michaels & CM Punk/John Cena). This mode allows you to play through the historic fights and events of these rivalries to experience them first hand. However, the mode still misses out on a number of key events which could have been included and includes some filler content. Overall though, the mode is certainly one worth experiencing and is a highlight of WWE 2K15.

MyCareer is a mode which has been made exclusive to the next-gen versions of the title. This works on the same type of mechanics as a “player career” in FIFA; you begin as a new wrestler and work your way up through the ranks to eventually reach the championship level. However, much of the content in the MyCareer mode feels like ‘filler’ content. There are many matches against random AI opponents which result in no progression and no story content, simply being there to pass the time as another fight. Some people may enjoy this, however, it can make the mode drag a little.

Unfortunately, some big stars like Macho Man are not fully represented in the game, with some new stars even being cut from the game’s lineup of wrestlers. This is disappointing, as the roster has had an overall reduction in size. Additionally, custom female wrestlers and stories have been removed, along with custom arenas and championships. Some types of matches have also been dropped from the game. This reduction in content is very disappointing for fans, as many of the lost features were popular and heavily used.

Overall, WWE 2K15 looks better and more realistic than ever, while creating an excellent atmosphere around matches. However, the missing and removed content from the roster, game modes and match types is disappointing and likely to be a blow to fans. Presentation-wise, the game has improved with fantastic graphics and improved commentary, but in terms of content, the game is lacking.