Good evening all, today we have a review of 2K Games’ most recently released title, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This strategy, base management title allows you to take control of a squad who investigate and fight alien activity on Earth. Read on to see what we thought of the return of the XCOM series…

The game is run on the turn based model used by most strategy games. You are in command of the government organisation XCOM and control all sectors of the organisation: Engineering, Research, Mission Control and other sectors. You must plan well and be strategically informed to protect the Earth against an alien invasion.

Often, you must choose between two invasions occurring simultaneously, however, choose carefully as these decisions affect the panic of the public in that region. You must keep panic to the minimum level, otherwise, the country will reduce how much money they are investing in your research and development.

You also must choose different projects to pursue in research, different equipment to build in engineering and which missions to execute in mission control. The research will allow certain items to be available in engineering, which, in turn will become usable in missions.

If you decide to try the highest difficulty level, the game will become extremely difficult and even the slightest incorrect move will instantly result in your death and failing of the mission. Using the standard difficulty setting will not result in too much of a challenge for players however.

The maps are designed well and are not reused. Each has been individually creating for it’s mission and the range of scenery and objects is nice. Graphically, the game looks great and the atmospheres are nice.

Enemies in the game are randomly placed in each mission and will only be found as your troop approaches them. You will see a message of “Alien Activity” whenever there are aliens in close vicinity.

Sound effects and music are good, nothing fantastic, however, most of the sound effects are unique to the game and are not stock sound effects. Music is average but does not play a huge part in the game.

When your troops get put under too much pressure from the enemy, their panic meter will fill and they may not respond correctly or be accurate shooters due to their stress, so, be careful to keep your squad together and safe.

Enemy AI works fantastically and can tell which of your squad to counter and what route to pursue. The enemy is very intelligent and an excellent job has been done in the development in AI. This game will be adored by fans of the turn-based strategy genre.

A great multiplayer mode has also been added to the game which is well worth a play. To end this review, I will conclude by saying this game is a fantastic entry into the strategy genre and is certainly one of the must plays this year!