Good evening all, today we have a review of the long awaited sequel to Zen Studios popular pinball franchise. The company has partnerships with Marvel and now, EA, providing a variety of Marvel-themed tables, along with their own creations and a table from the popular Plants vs Zombies franchise!

Zen Pinball 2 boasts updated ball physics, a new interface, a host of new customisation features, trophies, leaderboards and free demos of every table available for the game. The game itself is free, however, players must purchase the tables they wish to play (usually at a cost of €2.49/£1.99 per table) to have full access to that particular table.

Even nicer is the fact that all purchases of tables on the PS3 or PS VITA will be available to the other platform at no extra cost by use of the “Import Tables” feature. This also applies to ALL previous table purchases for any Marvel or Zen Pinball purchase. So, you need only pay for the tables once to have access on PS3 and Vita, continuing Sony’s popular “cross-buy” feature.

Zen Pinball 2 is a joy to play – the mechanics and physics are beautifully crafted and work with ease and realism. Zen Studios did an excellent job with the ball physics making the game obviously the most advanced and realistic pinball game to hit the market.

The variety of tables which are available in beautiful vivid colour on the VITA screen and crisp HD on the PS3 stand out as being diverse – each with it’s own individual theme. Assets are not re-used from table to table, each table has had it’s own props, backgrounds and design created uniquely for it, which shows the dedication towards crafting a superior title.

Continuing on with the topic of Zen’s dedication to crafting unique tables – each table is complete with it’s own special set of sound effects and music, which really adds an extra layer to the value of the table – it really does show that Zen worked hard to create these perfect tables and still wanted to ensure they were available at an affordable price point, so hats off to them!

There is also a versus multiplayer mode available, allowing up to four players to compete in local hotseat or online to achieve the highest score on a particular table – it’s a nice extra touch to a game that already represents excellent value; you only purchase the tables you want!

To finish off my review, I just want to say that Zen Studios have crafted what, without a doubt, can be called the most realistic and advanced pinball game to hit the market – if you have a VITA, PS3 or both, I urge you to try some of the tables! Here are the final scores: