This evening we bring you a review of the Zone of the Enders HD Collection, containing the two original Zone of the Enders titles remastered in HD. These titles have been awaited by fans who looked for re-release version. Read on for our opinions on this remaster of two classic games and how we felt the upgrade to HD was handled.

Please note, this review is not for the game itself and does not take into account my opinion of the game itself, it is only a judgement of how the HD upgrade was performed.

Konami has brought back what is considered a fantastic classic by many. Both of the original games are included in HD glory. The original Zone of the Enders was not well received and most critics found it very repetitive, boring and unguided in gameplay. On the other hand, the second game, Zone of the Enders 2, was hailed as an absolutely fantastic title and was a massive improvement on the first.

At the time of its launch, the game was very unique and different and did not resemble anything else on the market. If you purchase the HD collection, you will notice that the games are very different to most of the titles in its genre (third person action shooter/melee crossover).

The combat and mechanics of the game are not up to scratch of what we expect today, however, they were considered great in their time – something which must be appreciated. What is very interesting about the game – more present in the second game rather than the first – is the complexity you will encounter throughout the levels.

The second game in the collection is the one which has received more focus in the marketing of the title and rightly so, it has better characters, better gameplay and a better storyline. The levels are less repetitive and are much more enjoyable than those in the original.

The HD upgrade to this game is excellent and the visuals look great now with their updated textures and models. Sound and music in the game are also good and serve their purpose well.

While you may not enjoy the first game, the second certainly is a great title and this collection is almost worth buying for Zone of the Enders 2 alone. If you enjoy this genre and think you will play through the game in its entirety, get the collection just for the fact that the second game is a gem. The visual upgrade is excellent and the storyline is great, even in today’s market.